William Johnson


                                William Johnson.

William Johnson.
Born in Houston Texas, in June of 1963.
Married June 2014.
Resides in Richmond, Virginia.
Member of ASCAP
Distribution by CD Baby.
Label: None
Employment: Blue Collar Work Force.
Studied Piano ages 13 to 16.

Inspirational (Comparable) Artist

Vangelis New          Age/Electronic

Mark Isham             New Age

Hans Zimmer          New Age

Phil Thornton           New Age

Asura                      New Age/Electronic

Tangerine Dream    New Age/Electronic


New Age
Most of Williams compositions are moving and theatrical, and bring to mind sound track music scores. His fusion of electronica and orchestra is fairly unique and makes labeling his music a challenge. New Age is where William’s imagination finds its voice.

William’s first release. Peter’s Opus is a collection of 5 compositions. Two versions of each, Piano and Piano/Orchestra.

William’s second (single) release, I Love You More!, is in the style of 80’s classic rock.

William is currently in production on a Country Music vocal release. Definitely his second favorite genre.


November 2016   Peter’s Opus           Contemporary-Neo-Classical

February 2017     I Love You More!     Pop-Rock

February 2017     Ocean Voyage         New Age

June 2017           Dreamcatcher          New Age

October 2017      Toyland                   Holiday / Christmas

Purchase Venues

CD Baby                https://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/EuphonicProject

iTunes                   https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/euphonic-project/id1179556212

Amazon Music 

Google Play 


Social Media

Facebook       https://www.facebook.com/EuphonicProject
Twitter            https://twitter.com/EuphonicProject
Snapchat        https://www.instagram.com/euphonicproject/
You Tube        https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9T_f_j1_qFWKt-JbuWblNw

SoundCloud   https://soundcloud.com/euphonicproject

 Current Projects

William’s in production on two releases.

Early 2018, Country Singles, two songs, including Someday.

Reviews, Podcast, Streaming

This was an exciting broadcast for me, being that it was my first inclusion in a public forum/expo of New Age artist. Host, Steve Sheppard of One World Music Radio introduced Following Turtles from my first new age album, Ocean Voyage, on the very first edition of his new show Shores of Atlantis, bringing us a great selection of music from the Contemporary Instrumental and New Age genres, both old and new. Steve and Chrissie Sheppard are known for introducing new indie artist and music the world. I thank you both and the staff of OWM!