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by Euphonic Project

Released 10/23/2017
Released 10/23/2017
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Incredibly Moving! Classic Traditional Christmas music with a flare. Christmas music to experience, not just hear!
For those of you who proclaim yourselves as true audiophiles and are seeking a true master piece of Christmas music for the holidays, this is the album you must have in your collection. Euphonic Project’s arrangement and composition of each track is, to say the least, MAJESTIC!

This is the music you would hear in the grandest ballrooms and halls, where all in attendance would be in their finest holiday attire enjoying each other’s company and sipping champagne as the first track The Holiday Waltz is played which is followed by Toyland where you could imagine the guest dancing under chandeliers. Yet, you would enjoy this album in your MP3 device, home stereo, car or office to keep you in the holiday spirit!

Other pieces found on this album that will hit you in your solar plexus are: Silent Night and O Holy Night….they are treated so sensitively and with great tenderness. In fact I can’t help myself from crying as they are so beautiful…..they will take your breath away.

Lastly, there are a few fun and whimsical pieces that will bring a smile to your face. From the horses nays in Jingle Bells to the lively tempo of Here We Come-a-Caroling (Wassail Song) and the world beat moods of Toyland (Toys on Parade).

In closing, this Euphonic Project first holiday album and is quite different from his prior offerings, which are very ethereal and will transport you to other worlds. However, TOYLAND focuses on classical holiday scores and it feels so fresh and new that it will beckon you to come home and enjoy the holidays!

Review by: PRLaux