Creating Incredible Music

I enjoy the escape from reality I find in creating music, and I hope you will find an escape from your reality in my music as well.

This is why I am here and what I hope will bring us closer. Escaping reality through music and imagination.

Yes, I would love to sell some of my music, for its the sells of my music that fund the creation and publication of new music. I’m not seeking fortune or celebrity, but rather an audience to share and celebrate my music with. So I have set up a website with the intent to do just that, share the music. If you like it and want to hear more, let me know by telling your friends about us and include us in your music library.

I want to touch your soul and move you emotionally. Its an intimate relationship that one has with their music, as it should be. I love composing music that will allow us to cry when we need to, or to dance when we want to, and engage all the other emotions in between.

For me, Music is a comprehensive universal language that transcends all cultural differences and barriers. My music gives me a voice. I hope you will take time to hear my music, you may find your voice as well. Even if your only speaking to yourself. (Which we all should do from time to time. lol)

I’ve been asked why I have so many genres, and why I don’t settle for one and stick with it. The simple answer is “Life = Mood”. Like most people sometimes I experience sadness, like when my father was so sick and eventually loss his battle with cancer. I found myself in a dark place for a while as reflected in the song Civil Twilight. Then there was the day I was emotionally moved by the love of my life, leaving me with the need to "rock a little" so I composed I Love You More!. So thats why you will find different genres like New Age, Easy Listening, Country, Pop/Rock, Neo-Classical, and soon-Jazz, in my music catalog. Full Versions of all my songs, including unpublished music, are available for your listen pleasure (only) at EuphonicProject.com.


Current Projects


Someday, Country (Single CD) Project

I am in production on a country single, which will include two songs, including Someday. Publication goal is early 2018.

Live Performances, Video, and Streaming

Yes! I’m interested in performing live again. However, at this time there is just not enough material to keep an audience entertained long enough. Maybe with time, and some success as a Composer and Artist, I will be able to have that live connection with you. I am planning on dropping some update videos, private music videos, and some studio footage of the process from time to time via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, an Youtube. So like us, tag us, and join us, to stay in the loop and enjoy the journey!