New Age


Ocean Voyage

by Euphonic Project

Released February 23, 2017
Released February 23, 2017
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Music for the imagination. Presented in the style of a motion picture soundtrack, by composer William Johnson.
Ocean Voyage is my first New Age CD release. This is my favorite genre and I hope you will enjoy listening to this CD as much as I enjoyed composing and recording it.

The Ocean Voyage CD storyline begins on the beach, with self reflection in song one, Edge of Abyss, and the musical voyage begins.

While on the beach, we notice and follow a group of sea turtles into the sea in song two, Following Turtles.

The voyage leads us deeper where we encounter a herd of whales. They pass over us once fairly close, but double back for a closer look in song three, Rise to Greatness - Majestic Giants.

As the whales fade into the distance we encounter Jellyfish in song four, Jellyfish.

As we escape the Jellyfish we happen across and follow a Stingray over the ocean floor bed in song five, Stingray.

Our journey is interrupted by sharks, which begin to circle about us, the prey, in song six, Circling Sharks. Ending with them dragging us to a greater depth.

Next, we find ourselves waking up on the beach and wondering if it was all just a dream, in song seven, Was It All A Dream? (Waking on the Beach)

Track eight is a bonus track of the full album in an extended play mix. This version is only available with purchase of the full album. It is not available for single song purchase.

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Music by William Johnson. All rights reserved.

All Selections Composed, Arranged, Performed, Engineered and Produced by William Johnson.

Copyright: 2016 William Johnson’s Euphonic Project.
WARNING: All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.