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Fundraiser Details

I wrote this song, Deliverance (Crossing the Rainbow Bridge) in 2017 for my Dreamcatcher album after the loss of my beloved feline friends Titan Kitty and Sereno Whiskerdo.


After releasing the album I was inspired to reach out to my local Richmond SPCA to learn how this song could benefit the wonderful work they do in our community and to console those who have suffered a loss. As a personal contribution I re-released Deliverance as this 99 cent single with 100% of the proceeds going to the Richmond SPCA indefinitely, in memory of Titan and Sereno.


What is the Richmond SPCA?

The Richmond SPCA, founded in 1891, is a non-profit, no-kill humane organization dedicated to the principle that every life is precious. The Richmond SPCA is a national leader in humane care and education, having developed numerous lifesaving programs and services including those dedicated to adoption, rehabilitation, sterilization and education. We save the lives of more than 4,000 homeless animals each year and care for about 350 cats and dogs daily.


The Richmond SPCA is not affiliated with any other private animal welfare organization or SPCA but we regularly transfer pets from local municipal agencies into our care so that they may receive lifesaving treatment and be adopted to loving new homes. Of the 3,600 homeless animals in our care each year, we transfer more than 80 percent of them through these relationships. The remaining 20 percent are surrendered to us by their owners.


The Richmond SPCA operates a low-cost, full-service veterinary hospital; a free behavior helpline and offers pet behavior classes; children's educational programs; a free Trap Neuter Return program to spay, neuter and vaccinate community cats; and numerous volunteer programs.


What is the Mission of the Richmond SPCA?

To practice and promote the principle that every life is precious. 


What are the Core Values of the Richmond SPCA?

The standards of conduct that define who we are and guide what we do include: excellence in all that we do, integrity by always acting in a manner consistent with our mission and values, uncompromising care for animals, commitment to the authentic principles of the no-kill philosophy, and leadership in the Richmond community and the humane community nationally.


What are the Brand Pillars of the Richmond SPCA?

At all times and in every way, we are advocates for animals. We provide for their safety and comfort, strive to alleviate their suffering and work to place them in homes that provide a responsible lifetime commitment to them. We speak out publicly to promote and defend their interests. We oppose all forms of animal cruelty. We promote spaying and neutering to achieve and retain a no kill community. We oppose any taking of the lives of healthy or treatable animals and do not participate in such conduct ourselves. We provide services that promote responsible pet ownership and humane attitudes toward all life.